Kari's Kustom Kreations - Homemade dip mixes and custom made gift baskets

          Dip Tips

 • Replace the sour cream with equal amounts of greek yogurt.  It tastes the same and is only 1/3 of the calories......  AND it's healthy!
• Bacon dip is a great topping for baked potatoes, or mix the dry packet into a batch of potato soup. Yum!
• Chive and Garlic is great mixed into burgers, meatloaf, or meatballs!  (1 packet to 2 lbs. of meat)
• Creamy Cucumber makes a great sauce on a Gyro or tortilla wrap!
• Garlic Onion is the perfect topping a roast .
• Mixed Bell Pepper-mix this into your cream cheese mixture when you make a vegetable pizza. Amazing!
• Parmesan Herb and Onion Cheese are both a wonderful topping for buttered noodles or fried potatoes or  mix into pasta sauces or spaghetti sauce for added flavor.
* Mexican Fiesta will easily replace your packet of Taco Seasoning mix and will give it a little more kick.  Just mix into your ground meat after cooking.
• Tangy Onion is another great season for meats, especially roasts! 
• Make a cheese spread by replacing half of the sour cream with cream cheese-then use it as a bagel spread. It also works great for crackers.
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